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Originally posted by Annihilus
Sounds to Annihilus like bideau is about to have his ass handed to him by a girl

No, but Annihilus hopes that Dionysos knew how to spell know.

Ppffft. Son, you've got to get out administration. It's turning you into a micro-thinker.

Alice is a big-picture kind of thinker, you know what I mean? She don't sweat the small stuff.

Besides that, the spelling of no as "k-n-o-w" is now officially considered an unnecessary artifact of old-English morphology. It's completely out of date. Kind of like your appendix.

Everyone's spelling "k-n-o-w" as "no" now. It's widely accepted usage.

I stake my reputation on that fact. F-A-C-T, son. FACT.
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