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Originally posted by BoltsOwnU on 11-02-2006 at 01:23 PM
Not this year?!? You must be joking
I can almost hear the sounds of Belichoking
Congrats to our fan from the land down under
I'll forgive his dissing of the lightning and thunder
Only once however since I'm here to regulate
Soon you'll be watching the Bolts over all, dominate
In the meantime why not throw a shrimp on the barbie
Maybe corral some dingos or stroke your wallaby
I'm just here to predict charger futures
We'll be sending opponents home in grave need of sutures.
Very nice response, especially the wallaby part, but I have to admit that I was proud of Chef's throw-down. English isn't his first language (we're not sure what that might be) but he still managed to give you a run for your money.

Be ashamed. Be very ashamed.

You got a knack for the rhymes, Bolts, but I've decided that I'm holding off on giving you a lesson until the playoffs. Then, it's 8Mile football style.

Word. ;)
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