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Originally Posted by Mark_Henderson View Post
When did she say about the 9/11 widows that she'd never seen people enjoy their husbands' deaths so much?

That was the first and last time I listened to anything she said.

Outrage can be kind of arbitrary. Bill Maher got thrown off ABC for commenting shortly after 9/11 that although the terrorists were horrible, it's not really accurate to call them "cowards" for flying into skyscrapers for their beliefs. In retrospect, not that extreme a statement.

It's somewhat arbitrary that one interview about the complexities of consent is what bounced Milo. He's said things that I find more offensive.

Does anyone know when the interview where he said those comments that nailed him occurred. I saw the excerpted snippet on Twitter just as the $hitstorm was starting. But, he had such a ridiculed weak performance on the Maher show Friday night, that I wonder if the powers on the right decided to pull the plug on him and posted a snippet that had been hanging around for a while then. It was a conservative Twitter feed that posted the video clip - named Reagan something.
The first part of the vid (about the Jews running everything) was from a podcast/YouTube show called the Rubin Report.

Strongly recommend checking it out, especially if you want dialogue and differing viewpoints (not the Milo show necessarily, just in general)

The part that got him in trouble was on something called "the drunken peasants podcast.". I'm less familiar with that program.

Edit:. Also, these interviews are pretty old in internet years and the drunken peasants one had already circulated previously, just never gained any traction. I'd also say that when I heard the "Jews run everything" interview, the context made it sound way more benign than was implied by the editing of the video. The point he was making wasn't that there was some secret Jewish conspiracy running the world, rather that Jews are disproportionatly involved in these particular industries (which I believe is factually accurate, but not sure)

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Originally Posted by HSanders View Post
Corollary: Asians are not brown people/minorities/discriminated against

As an aside, "Trailer Park Meth Baby" would be a hellafied band name.
When I start my punk band, I've already got a name

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