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Originally posted by Moebius
Yeah, that was one of the few times in my life I've ever been completely angered in a religious discussion. Ended up in a chat with a guy who was the minister at one of the local giagantachurces when we came to a discussion about one of my friends who had just lost a newborn to SIDS. I was pretty upset about that as it was when the guy spouts "A tragedy the kid's going to hell". I just about hit him. I asked him if he was implying that the God he preaches about would send an infant who didn't have a chance to even believe in anything, let alone sin to hell. He stammered around a bit with that, and I had to walk away.
Bah! There is no hell, unless you count Detroit.
Same as the '72 Dolphins. Now, it has become a tired and silly ritual through the years watching these graying and balding men gather each year to pop champagne corks whenever the last unbeaten team falls, and that sad clinging to the past diminishes what they did, and it if there is one thing even Pats-haters can agree on, it's this: a 19-0 Pats team makes that annual ritual disappear, mercifully, forever.

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