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Originally posted by bideau
There are several major hotels within a 1 mile radius. It's Doc's Sports Bar & Grille.
Okay, I checked out the link, Bri and the place seems very cool. I'd give it my stamp of approval for the Draft Day Party. I don't think that we'd want one of the private rooms, though, because one of the fun things that we've experienced the last couple of years, is that it is fun to mingle with other fellow Pats fans that might not yet be an official Planeteer, ya know?...
But, we probably should contact Doc's to double check and make sure that we don't need to reserve a table or two... Most places don't need you to do so, if we meet as early as we normally do...
Do you want to call Doc's or do you want me to do so? As I recall, we had about 14 people last year... I'd anticipate that we'd have upwards to 20 this year...
I wonder if they have any Draft Day specials, like dollar drafts??... Boy, did we all get plowed at that draft day party!!!

And Chris--WORK that angle with your Mom. The Draft Day Party wouldn't be the same without you. Besides, we'd all love to meet your wife...
Rock on, my fellow Pats fans! -Peg
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