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Rich Ohrnberger‏Verified account @ohrnberger 19m19 minutes ago
Tom Brady chugging beer story...

Glasses were filled, glasses were emptied (quickly)... the challengers list grew steadily through the night.. I was untouchable. Then, Matt Light began speaking of a man, the G.O.A.T. ... He said, Tom Brady was unbeatable...

Enter Brady. He was greeted with high fives and hugs... but in typical Tom Brady form, he knew there was work to be done before the fun could continue. We locked eyes, he spoke two words, “You ready?” The beers were poured...

“Go!!!!!!” Bottoms up. Glasses slam down in cacophonous synchronicity... however, one glass touched first... Arms raised over my head, cheers raining down, my glass wobbled to a stop, our eyes met, mine filled with wonderment and shock, his with fire and confusion...
I beat ...Tom Brady. He nodded approvingly, and although I couldn’t hear him say it over the cheers... his lips read “Okay....ok.” He reached across the beer soaked table top, scattered with wing bones and assorted detritus, and shook my hand. I BEAT TOM BRADY...

Wish we heard more of this kind of stuff
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