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Re: Main forum summary. 12:30 PM EST

Originally posted by The Big Lebowski
OK, I'll do my best to summarize for you guys what's been going on this morning on the main forum.

There's a poll up about the hottest bartender in Boston. I've posted the hottest one below. Purely my judgement and she's currently winning. Those who disagree with my pick are obviously flaming homosexuals.

A thread is up about Mike Cloud being in for a workout. Im paraphrasing here, but, Hawg likes him, but wishes Quentin Griffin would have been healthy as he was a better choice. He notes how much we miss Kevin Faulk. Benign depsot and mikie are ho-hum on the subject. Not much else. PatFanDan references Reiss' blog and it looks like Cloud is in. Not yet official.

The "Big Ben out vs GB" thread somehow lives on. You aren't missing much there. Other than fantasy impact, who really gives a crap?

UT tries to excite MGO by pointing out that Anthony Thomas was in for a visit. Of course, MGO gets excited. UT slyly moves closer to finally getting something off her should she ever forget she's married.....

It's pointed out that Brady is on 60 minutes 11/6. In the teaser Brady talks about the struggles of fame. The lack of privacy. yada yada yada. Hawg wonders how he stays motivated after all he's accomplished. MGO and I wonder WTF brady is doing complaining about Fame when he is now in every commercial, on every magazine, and now doing 60 minutes interviews.

Another T.O. crying like a bitch thread.

A Lenny Walls wants to be a PAtriot thread. Most of us think we'd like to have him. A Colt fan points out that he possibly sucks. The Colt fan hasn't watched Duane Starks for 7 games.

hmm. That's about the jist of it. Maybe others will add onto this. My hands are cramping though.
"Give us the money Lebowski" (in my best eastern european accent)

Thanks Lebowski. I appreciate you keeping us up to date. Doesn't seem like we're missing much over there. In fact, there's probably more going on over here (I'm not surprised). One question though: Has anyone started the official basket weaving thread? I'm curious as to what that will be all about.
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