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Originally posted by bideau
I'm pinning this so we can start to get feedback.

I'm not a fan of the Outlaw. Thought it was too cramped. What's the status of the EndZone?

As far as Doc's is concerned, if we had a decent comittment of 20 or so, we'd have no problem with the minimum tab.
If you don't mind me askin'--why aren't you a fan of "The Outlaw"?... We seemed to have PLENTY of room last year and it was much nicer (in my opinion), than at "The Endzone", the year before...
Personally, I am not comfortable with having to "reserve" a room for our gathering... For one thing--if we don't get 20+ people, then who is gonna suck up the cost? !?!?!... I did that for our original Draft Party, so I'm not prepared to do that again...
For another--If we are segretated into a room, we cannot intermingle with other Pats fans...
Both things are a negative, in my opinion...

I think that we had a GREAT turn-out last year and I hope to build upon that! There are places in the area, to stay, if anyone needs them and it was a CLEAN place to eat & drink... (unlike the Endzone...)

So, I am still in favor of going with "The Outlaw"...
p.s.--Mikie--if someone is too drunk to drive home and "hasta" stay at "The Endzone", then I don't think that they will be looking for a 5-Star kinda place, ya know?!...
Rock on, my fellow Pats fans! -Peg
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