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subroc can make a spectacular post in heavy traffic
Originally Posted by bideau View Post
Not at all like Florio. Florio may enjoy throwing out the rumors, but he's correct far more often than he's not and he makes it clear when he's giving his own opinion.

Volin is a hack. He's from Miami and covered the Fins before coming to Boston. He has a clear dislike for the Pats and his coverage is rarely positive. It's not at all clear that he has any real sources and there's a better chance that he's just rehashing things he reads on the internet.
As a general matter, I agree with your point.

I don't follow these guys at all. I only occasionally find myself reading something they wrote through some link. I am likely to continue reading a Florio story and would click away from a volin story.

Florio isn't awful.

Volin isn't worth the time.
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