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NoRespect--Sorry about my inordinate use of the smilie supply... Should this be yet another thing that I should feel guilty for?... Geez, perhaps I have more fetishes than I realized! Maybe this thread will continue to enlighten me... Nah!! Although, I did think of something that would REALLY be embarrassing to fess up about... ~
(Hey--don't they make a smilie that has his tongue sticking out?!)
I can't believe that you didn't see the perfect entree into an IRONIC segue...
Even DropKick touched on the Irony thing...
BTW, DKM--Your drunken adventure at the tubing park was a riot... Yeh--WHEN WOULD that place be open, if not on a snowy Sunday?!... More irony, at its best... Cracks me up!...
p.s.--Did I mention how happy I am that you are back in the saddle and posting on a regular basis again? Well, I am!
(You NEVER did figure that one out, did you?!) Hee-hee!
Rock on, my fellow Pats fans! -Peg
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