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My uncles watched NFL on Sundays and told me about a guy with my name, Joe Fortunato, who was a linebacker and captained for the Chicago Bears. As a paperboy I tried to read about him but linebackers don't have a lot of stats. Talk was Boston would get a team in the new league (AFL) made up of NFL has-beens. I wondered if we would get Joe Fortunato.
I would always read the remarkable stats for Babe Parilli and Gino Cappaletti. My buddys Dad worked for Harvard and gave us free tix for a game at Harvard Stadium on a cold,rainy,muddy day. I fell in love with going to games right there.
I played football once a weekend with my friends until I was 44 yrs old. Played in a Foxboro Flag league a few years where we actually played games at Sullivan Stadium (teams hopped the fence, I was league photographer also) several times when the Pats were on the road. I wasn't that good and I got clobbered most weekends but I loved it. My joints will be bothering me for quite awhile.
I had Pats season tix from 78-91 off and on. Many years I'd be booked half the game dates (wedding photog) so I wouldn't re-up. I bought back in spring of 93 the day Parcells signed.
The Pats have had a lot of great guys playing for them, Nance, Burton, Grogan, Pete Brock. A lot of funny guys too like Steve Kiner,Irving Fryer, and Harpo Gladieux. I find them so entertaining. Like you guys are.

Can't wait for TC.

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