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Originally posted by Moebius
C'mon, admit it. We're crazy. Everyone knows it.

When I was in high school, my friends and I all took a couple of months to go to each others' churches to learn about them. We had a First Christian (not sure what that really denomination derives from), a Baptist, a Catholic, an Episcopalian, and the Mormon me. Mostly we learned two things. Most religions are basically alike, and that alot of folks hate Mormons.

The week we went to the Baptist friends church, the pastor (or minister, whichever he's called) chose that day to give an anti-Mormon sermon. It was rather funny for all of us to listen to him. Me because I know my own religion and my friends because they knew my family. He was basically quoting stuff from the more popular anti-Mormon books and literature. Stuff like we have to take showers with one foot outside touching garments, which was my favorite. We spent most of the time trying to control our giggling.

Afterwards, the Pastor came up to us to chide my member friend. He said that he wasn't sure all the guy's statements were accurate. He assured us that he knew what he was talking about and asked why we'd question that. My friend pointed to me and told him I was Mormon. He then proceeded to try and prove his statements until I started listing some of the books he'd used to quote from. After that he got flustered and stalked off.

My friend never went back (not sure about his parents). Though he didn't convert to LDS or anything, he told me there's no way he could respect someone who's supposed to be religious using his position to spread lies and ill will.

Among my friends, we decided every religion is crazy looking unless you believe in it.

Dude, Moebs.... You're not a mormon. You're just a little confused with the premise here and you added an extra "m".

Seriously though, you're born and raised in the bible belt, family in Mississippi and now you're telling us that you're mormon? Who'd have thought?

I don't care either way about the mormons or jehova's. Just more people to me. One of my best buddies is a jehova. A drinking, smoking farting jehova. We'd get into funny-ass arguments when drinking back in the day and he'd occasionally come back with a "don't make me knock on your door and go Watchtower on your ass pookie!"
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