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yeah, my girlfriend got vomited on at Foxboro. It was the St. Louis game in November of 2001 (i believe we won the super bowl that year) and we were waaay late and the lines to get patted down were horrendous and while we were waiting our turn a rubber legged young lad in line in fron of us, without even bending over, begins ejecting about a half dozen coors lights and few shots of wild turkey. my girlfriend tried to spin out of the way but her long hair got whipped into the stream.

Luckily my dad is the kind of guy that keeps 4 pounds of napkins in his coat pocket. so we were able to mop her down a good bit. but let it be known, it was not her favorite football experience. i assured her that some day when we lived in boston she'd be able to say that she was thrown up on at Foxboro Stadium and it would go a long way, but that hasn't seemed to provide her much comfort.
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