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Vomit at Foxboro Stadium

Sounds like the title of a campy science fiction thriller, now don't it? So here goes-I was attending a Patriots game with a buddy around, say, 1981 or 2. Sitting pretty far up, on the nice metal benches. Well, the guy to my left was really lit up. And it was cold, so he wore a nice handy pullover hat. He was inebriated to the point of practically passing out. And then-the upchuck, or should I say, downchuck. The poor, stinky drunken fool. Been there, done that (but not at a Pat's game). Luckily, the wind was not blowing in my direction, and he didn't puke on me at all. This was not my buddy, just some dude on my left, with his friend. Well, I didn't tell you, but the dude pucked right on top of his pullover hat! Nice, big red and orange chunks. Well, you asked! It is a story to behold. So the game ends, the totally passed out dude wakes up by his buddy. He gets up, and I say (drum roll, please, orchestra) "Don't forget your hat"(with the vomit onit, sitting, now frozen on the nice concrete). And, by the way, I don't remember who the Pats played, so that tells you something about MY condition!
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