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Originally posted by Baron Samedi on 01-09-2008 at 08:22 AM
1] I assume D22, that you hate it when Tom Brady gets compared to Joe Montana....

2] what would Montana have been without Jerry Rice? but Jerry Rice gave him a weapon that he could use to good effect.

3] Brady has been bringing a jacknife to a swordfight the last 6 years, and winning with it.

4] Case in point, I think Phil Simms was a great QB.

5] The other QB's you always compared Brady to had superior receiving talent the last 6 years,

6] as if ANY quarterback would throw 50 TD's on this team. Would Manning have? Probably. Would Favre have? Maybe,

7] probably not. But if Brady had Marvin Harrison and Co. the last 6 would be HIS passing records that were the mark everyone was chasing in the first place.
1] Its not that I hate it "Baren" ... I think everyone should make their own Legacy...not leach off of Legends 17 year great careers

2] Without Rice Montanna would have still won every game he did by utilizing someone elses Jones or Craig or Clark

3] The Jackknife was Brady's own arm...Manning Palmer & Warners arms were swords...Have you ever thought it might be the other way around..Troy Brown, Givens and Branch all wished they had a more accurate downfield passer like Manning, Warner, Palmer so they could be compared to Rice & Moss but Brady couldn't get the ball to them?

4] If you noticed Simms is on my list...Hes a great QB no doubt or argument here...sold...accurate & a great leader.. you all think I just look at the numbers...thats so not true., but you all ignore them & act like they mean nothing ...and that is definatly not true

5] Have you all ever thought Reggie Wayne & Stokley & Clark are great WR's like T.O. and Moss ?...Harrison is simply a fast speed guy with good hands...Isn't that what Deon Branch was...My point is Manning makes Harrisons with the talent from his arm...This Brady didn't have weapond doesn't cutt it with me...Marino led the league for 17 years with Duper & Clayton just 2 typical average WR's at height & speed & he got them the ball.

6] Tell me what QB's having the time & protection & WR's Brady had this season couldn't have minimum 45 + TD passes ? Eli Manning the 25th in QB rating this year could be MVP with that protection & WR doubt in my mind...

7] Again you all want to completely forget Brady was horrible & in accurate throwing down field...what don't you all get /// ,,, he didn't hardly play in College because Brien Griese was the #1 then he sat the Bench as a 3rd stringer for the Pats a few years...the fact is he sucked & was a 4 yard passing QB for 4 years...
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