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Originally posted by BoltsOwnU on 01-16-2007 at 07:58 PM
Die? this thread? You must be joking!
Even as the sounds subside of Chargers choking
Sure I predicted we'd carry the day
But I also said I knew it might go either way
That was a game none will soon forget
Many a Charger fan is suffering a brutally lost bet
Man I was glad I got to see it live
Even though I'd rather we'd won by five
TK is right, I had nice consolation
Lots better than some cellmate in Raider Nation
This thread can't die since it merely pauses
My rhymes now abate while I work on contractual clauses
So for now you can look forward to a visit with the Colts
While i await the draft, preseason, and your rematch with my Bolts!
I hope Threadkiller's post made Bolts think twice
About loading up a bet on emotional advice
The smart gambling money was a new england cover
Or money line to win if you're an adventure lover
I'm glad to hear you were made to feel better
By your girl, she really knows how to fill out a sweater
But now let's be candid BoltsOwnU
Tell the Patriots Planet a thing or two
Were all the claims that Marty Shott would f*ck you true
Or do you spread the blame around for the Powder Blue?
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