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I was Born in to it.

Growing up my Daddy always pulled for the Pats because he's from Maine and my mom the Dolphins because I don't know and they've been my second team becuase I cheered for a pop-warner team named the Dolphins LOL.. Silly ME.. Anyhoo of course, Daddy was alot more into it them my Mom. I was always a Tom boy growing up. But must admit, never really got into football that much at first. I though of the Patriots as MY red white and blue team when I was little... I knew that they lost most of the time, but as a kid, that never really got me down, it was just a game. Then as I got older and realized all dady did during football season was watch football, I HATED it.. Or at least I thought I did lol... I would get mad and go back in my room, slam the door and try to find something else to watch... But secretly, I'd flip to the game. This was in my teenage years. Then I moved out when I was 19 and that's where it REALLY began for me, I knew I already loved the Pats, that's always been a fact, so that is the answer to the original post, I've always rooted for the Pats, but my obsession began when I moved out a lived by myself lol. I found myself with nothing to do sometimes so I would freakin watch football. During offseason, I'd watch old games, as I do now. Then I realized how Daddy could sit there and watch football so much. So that was in 99 when I moved out and then I moved back in in 2001 and haven't skipped a beat since then lol... that's a bit more than what ya asked for but to the OT, like I said, since day one, I've rooted for the Pats

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