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Years ago we got tickets to the Pats' games and went frequently. My mom, who was more of a baseball fan, surprised my dad with the tickets! We saw some lousy teams and some really good teams (the '76 team) and then didn't go to the games as much as life changed. We always kept up with the team, though, so definitely my family and I aren't bandwaggoners. My dad had been a Giants fan as many New Englanders had been and also liked the Packers in the '60s. He became a hardcore Pats fan in the '70s after getting those tickets and we found ourselves enjoying a team that despite the circus follies surrounding it always seemed to give us entertainment. Maybe because of the follies, come to think of it! ;) I always thought of the Pats as the Red Sox of football: sometimes very good and teasing you but never able to win the big one (it was tough watching the Packers' SB game because at least there had been a chance in that one, unlike SB XX which was a sorry blow-out). When Adam kicked that field goal in SB XXXVI after Tom drove the team down the field in less than 2 minutes with no timeouts, this franchise was forever changed. I've never quite felt such sports exultation as in that moment. They proved they could finally do it, and now I feel like they can do anything!
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