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Originally posted by Spinal Tap
At least Fusion likes girls. That seems to be a rare attribute on this board lately. (see the Fab 5 gay love fest thread)

I think Fusion did the wrong thing by walking out on the check, but I also understand where his frustration comes from. I'm assuming this chick is some gym whore hottie that probably goes on a few lunch dates a week. She knows she's hot and she uses her hotness as a weapon to punish the common man. These kinds of chicks are a dime a dozen. They've got nothing going for them, other than their sweet arse and bodacious bombs. The only real power they have is over men.............and they use it well.
You, Spinal, are the perfect patsy for that kind of woman.

If you imagine that your incredibly demeaning attitudes toward the opposite sex don't play out -- clearly -- to women, then you're wrong.
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