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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by FallingAlice [/i]
[B]Lover: If a man...I'd go with Liam Neeson. [/B][/QUOTE]

I was so preoccuppied with the second part of this equation that I nearly forgot that I was amazed by the first. LIAM Neeson? Liam Neeson?!

In recent months I've seen you support the indefensible behavior of an indivual like OJ Simpson, profess admiration for the unworthy Bill Parcells, and now...attraction to Liam Neeson?


I am worried about you Alice. ;)

At least you didn't pick that French guy with the funny nose from the movie Green Card. Still, how could a guy with a name as Celtic as Neeson look so...Je ne sais quoi? For your ideal date do you plan to give him a bath?
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