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Hootie2485 isn't worthy of this boardHootie2485 isn't worthy of this board
Originally Posted by mikiemo83 View Post
I guess I was too mean but this guy is similar to an old poster we did actually ban. It is never them but everyone else who doesn't understand.

Hootie, I assclowned you, restricted your access to the boardby limiting you to a certain area. It typically is a reversible situation. But I do not see you as someone who will ever except any responsibility for your actions.
I will most certainly take responsibility for my actions once I'm linked to the posts that sent me here.

Oh, that's right. You won't do it, because you can't. You limited my access to here because you're a homer with a moderator button. That's why your board, despite being THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS, is the red-headed stepchild to your sister Planet ... and that's probably being nice.

Despite all of the advantages afforded to you all by AustinChief, your board is a fail, and that starts with the moderation. Period.

Links to posts that I made that were trolling attempts. I eagerly await.
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