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Hootie2485 isn't worthy of this boardHootie2485 isn't worthy of this board
ChiefsPlanet is the smartest, most clever 'football' board on the Internet. It has evolved into something MUCH, MUCH more than a forum about KC sports.

This forum doesn't have a chance, because you have awful regulars, and an over-moderated board. You listed 8 guys who aren't Pats fans that probably don't even post all that much.

Until you put an end to trigger happy over-moderation, your board will never grow past what it is

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Originally Posted by patswin View Post
What's your full name then?

Clay has tried to turn himself into a 'brand'. He is employed by a football website (SBNation) where his name is available to the public (by his choice).

Anything else?
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