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Originally Posted by JD10367 View Post
I said "know nothing about football", not "you're a ****ing idiot".

Now, for example, if someone put words in my mouth, while vastly overreacting and contributing nothing to the conversation nor noting the facts I put forth, in that case I might call someone a ****ing idiot...
Because there is such a huge difference between someone who knows nothing and someone who is an idiot?

Whatever, dude. Parse it any way you want. If you think your opinions are facts, and people who don't agree with your opinions know nothing, that is the point I was trying to make, that this mindset sends threads quickly spiraling downward. This thread set a new record, that's all.

I'm just sad that after being a Giants fan from mid 50's until 1960 and a Pats fan since then, I know nothing about football.
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