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Originally Posted by Fully Tilted View Post
This was a COACHES poll. To demeam their opinion makes you like a moron. They've been watching him his entire career, not just last season.
Who is demeaning NFL coaches...I said ask them the same question after Brady's first 6 seasons ...the season before Randy Moss out jumped & fought for 25 TD passes that mostly were thrown short.

There answer would be Carlson Palmer over Brady never mind Manning...if they were looking for a system short passing QB...Brady gets a nod...but to be looking for a passing QB ... Brady is not in the picture...

His own performance records prove it... his compl. % over 20 yd is 25% & sucks compared to Manning & Palmer alone...and Brady didn'rt have a single NFL Passing record in 6 of 7 seasons before they sighned the "Freak" Moss...

Thiose are nothing butr real ask those same coaches before Moss was signed looking for a passing QB...Brady is no were near #1...
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