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Originally posted by FallingAlice
I'm laughing so hard that I'm crying now.

I'm going to have to alert Wyo to this thread. She will undoubtedly have a very....wyo take.

But seriously...the really funny part is everything that flew under Fusion's radar screen as he made his clumsy attempts to get her into the sack.

More than likely, the progression of her internal monologue went something like this...

1. God this guy's a bore. But he won't leave me alone until I go out with him. Well, okay, lunch won't be so bad.

2. Oh goody, I get to go on errands with him. Typical self-centered idiot. No doubt his schedule is the only one that matters. Be nice. Be nice. This'll take no more than an hour. Get through it.

3. J-e-s-u-s C-h-r-i-s-t, can he stop staring at my breasts? Oh come on, buddy, why don't you just start ing....oh my god, he is ing.

4. Can he stop talking about himself? Make this stop. Okay, I'm sure as hell going to make sure we don't have a follow-up date.

5. Let's can I really piss him off? Whining might not be enough. I know. Eat three times my weight in food? Excellent plan.

6. Is this joker serious? Come back to my place and get to know each other? Right. uh-huh. I know what this jerk-off wants. Oh, god. Think of something...quick...I GOT IT...VIOLENT EX-BOYFRIEND...That'll scare him away. Whew. I am toooo good.

7. He's buying it, too. What a maroon.

8. Where'd the little s-h-i-t go? This guy can't afford a decent lunch at Red Lobster. Well, thank god he's gone. He's never gonna call me back, now. Bullet dodged.

9. Wait'll all the girls at the gym hear about this one.
OMG Alice! That is so funny I am cryin'. This has got to be the post of the year in IMO.

"the curse of the corn field" est. 2005
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