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Originally Posted by Baron Samedi View Post
Nowhere, in my experience, was this more apparent than in the brutal, inaccurate, very poor analogies that quantum geeks used to try to explain the Higgs Boson. They really tried, but the poor dorks would just copy each others' really piss poor analogies over and over. The more they tried to explain it, the less average folks "got it".

The problem was, primarily, that for whatever reason, they avoid explaining things in terms of quantum fields, and try to explain everything in a "particular" way, as in particles....which is like trying to put a square peg in a round hole.

Years and years of hearing the same terrible explanations, it's frustrating as hell.

Here's how I would have done it....

"If you are sitting in a magnetic field, and you have a fork in each hand, one plastic, and one stainless of those forks, the steel one, will interact with the magnetic field, you may see sparks or feel a pull on the fork in some direction. The plastic fork won't interact at sparks, no magnetic pull. Understand?

The Higgs Field is like a magnetic field, but for particles. It's everywhere in the universe, and particles that interact with it feel drag, like swimming through water...this drag will make them move slower than light speed and impart them with mass, just like the steel fork in the magnetic field getting electrified. The particles that don't interact with the Higgs Field will just happily keep zipping along at light speed, because they have no drag on them, and no mass. Like the palstic fork."

I know, it's a long post that isn't even on topic...but I've seen so many stupid explanations like "You and the president go to a party, and everyone gathers around the president and not you, and that's what the Higgs does"
...crap like that. It's almost like they don't want people to grasp it.
Well done.

I enjoyed it regardless of length.

There have been times I been able to explain things vs when I have not been able to. Different factors played out for both on why it happened or didn't happen.

I have thought of something you posted.I have been around people who would do this on purpose 1/ they didn't want people to get it 2/ show off how much they knew 3/ perhaps elevate themselves

Stop being a dick. If you need to do this to elevate yourself what does that say about you?
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