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Re: Ya know after 14 weeks you start getting footballed out...

[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Hawg73 [/i]
[B]......but the girly thread is interesting 365 a year....I figure if Pookie is going to keep posting blondes I need to balance things out a little to keep the Girly thread democratic. Yeah, that's it. [/B][/QUOTE]

That is just scary. I almost posted something to that effect. Why is it that this thread just feels like home. (the womb?) I never want to leave.

I think I have identified Pookie's tendencies when it comes to women. He insists on passenger side airbags and he doesn't care if the carpets match the drapes.

I will band with you in the fight to ensure that women of all hair color receive equal representation. Remember the decision in the pivotal case of Brown v. the Board of Education. (Not to be confused with Blonde v. the Board of Education.)
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