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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by FallingAlice [/i]
[B]As far as taste in Elfin women, Hawg, you beat NoRespect hands down....


Rattling my cage again, are we? Honestly! I'm all alone here. If Peg or Carolyn or any other FEMALE poster (or at least a gay man) would post some male hottie who wasn't suffering from a run-away penis or multiple facial wounds, then I might not be so critical.

By the way, the blonde on the very end of the NE Storm picture is kind of cute. [/B][/QUOTE]

Elfin women, give me a break. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a woman in a g-string and a Santa hat on short notice at this time of year? Besides, I think she's cute. I will say that Liv Tyler is adorable.

I think the blonde in the storm photo is the attorney from Vt that I saw interviewed. She is the shortest one on the team (In keeping with the elfin theme.) The brunette in the rear has potential as well (that could be taken the wrong way....) As for the picture as a whole, I must as Hawg so wisely did, plead the fifth. In a word -- footware.

Where are the women of I can't believe that more people don't prefer this site to that one. Every time I visit it is just one flame war after another. It is getting really hard to take.

You are on your own with the beefcake thread unless Pookie decides to champion the cause. I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for the football queens to show up. As for rattling your cage, I haven't even begun...
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