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Originally posted by DarrylStingley on 12-31-2007 at 08:17 PM
So you disagree with my opinions and that excuses giving a high five to Jack Tatum? Should I go on a Holocaust survivor website and say "Hitler owns you" if I disagree wtih a poster? I KNOW that my example is extreme but the point is the same. Don't come into a Patriot website and lay a giant crap on the floor because he don't like my opinions or style, you nitwit.

Nothing I've written in this thread or any other thread is baseless.

Rather than invoknig one of the more painful memories in sports history (never mind Pats history) as a joke, why not deal with my point: That Dungy piling on BB when BB was down was a classless, hypocrite move.

As far as your contention that I'm intellectually inferior, that's rich.
What I am is someone who has strong views and will state them without apology.
Nice, so a football player getting paralyzed is on par with 6 million jews being slaughtered in history's most blatant example of genocide...glad to see you have your priorities in order.

And yes, since this thread by it's title is the Pats Planet equivalent of a rest stop shitter, I have every right to drop em a float a biscuit in your direction.

Your point is baseless, and those in this thread who have defended Dungy have illustrated that very well, so they don't need me to reiterate it for them. I prefer to stoop to your level (below in this case) and respond to an incendiary thread title/content with a post equally as baseless, classless and worthless in order to do two things:

1) Illustrate my point that threads like these do nothing to encourage debate, just to incite a pissing match.

2) To piss you off.

Seems I have done my job on both counts. Congratulations on trolling your own Pats message board. Good for you
A good friend will come and bail you out of jail, but a true friend would be sitting in the cell with you saying "THAT WAS F'ING AWESOME!"

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