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Originally posted by bideau
I don't know about anyone else, but the idea of my favorite weather babe, Melissa Bell, gently whispering this stuff into my ear makes me mildly stimulated
I don't know Melissa but I do have one or two hotties on the weather channel in mind.

The extended forecast for this weekend remains a dilemma.

The consensus of a myriad of computer models is now trending towards a higher impact event here although the ribbon of strongest winds and greatest precipitation remains just offshore.

Previous analysis placed the governing upper air low pressure system deeply south out of our territory. Latest indications do not confirm this thinking. As a result, it is prudent to offer a preliminary prediction of a medium-sized snowstorm ie. 3-6" for the metro area with higher amounts possible mainly south of the Mass Pike except over Cape Cod.

The ever present caveat is that SLIGHT SHIFTS in the storm track would make a monumental difference in the outcome so bear in mind that this discussion is still subject to revision as we approach the event.

It is too premature to pull out all the stops or conversely completely eliminate snow from the forecast until new data is more convincing. It would be more reassuring if most of the computer models were producing similar scenarios.

This just in:

We have a winner in the annual PatriotsPlanet Bad Writing Contest. Please put down your pencils. I repeat, we have a winner. My hat goes off to you Mister Bad Weather Report Writer! After reading your latest writing specimen I realize I still have so much yet to learn.
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