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Originally Posted by tonyto36 View Post
And I got crucified for being overly negative and AC'ed?

"Brady can fix everything!"

"It will all magically get fixed when Vollmer is back!"

"McDaniels will just scheme help for Cannon!"

"We don't need to be able to run the ball!"

Yeah that turned out just great yesterday. Me and my bank account saw yesterday coming from a mile away. Hope you all have decided to take your head out of the sand @ those who were battling me on this.
No, you didn't get AC'd for "being right about the OL".

You got AC'd for consistently being a dick regardless of the topic being discussed. Not that you will ever understand that. You demonstrated that over and over again and are about the only character I can think of that pissed everybody off. Every poster around here, not matter how whacked out they they seem to be, picks up a few allies along the way except you.

Do you get that?

You are either completely unaware of how you come off in print or you know and don't happen to give a shit. In either case, from what I can see you are in the right spot.

BTW, if you missed the hint, then the best way to get released from here is to admit to your issues and compose a nice, public note where you detail what you will do differently should you be paroled. The key thing is self-awareness and realizing that folks don't really want constant drama. The Planet is all about forgiveness and letting shit go.

It's easy, really, but hardly anybody has ever done it. I believe that is because their ego won't allow it.

This flowchart might be of some benefit:
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