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patsfanroach won't go home lonely tonightpatsfanroach won't go home lonely tonightpatsfanroach won't go home lonely tonight
OK so here is my story:

I was tyng to find a Logan Mankins jersey. (Yes Jh, your Logan). I googled "where do I find a Logan Mankins jersey". One of the options was my question word for word. It took me the the thread about Which Patriots jersies do you have? I have waaaaaay too many so I had to post my list. So I registered, lurked for like 12 seconds, found the thread and posted. Now here I am 1000 posts later still rambling on about the best team in all of sports.

Thanks to all of you for accepting me here and actually reading a few of my posts. I have already met Mr and Mrspats forever at Foxboro (Sorry I missed you Mikiemo-maybe for the Stillers game in December?). But anyways it has been a fun few months and I look forward to posting 1000's more meaningless banterisms (is that a word?).

Whoo hoo go Pats, beat those Cowpokes!
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