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Originally Posted by Therick67 View Post
What's left to investigate? Walsh confirmed everything the Patriots and said, it's time to move on -- nothing more to be gained.

The Pats came withing 2 minutes of going 19 - 0 while being the most scrutinized team in sports history, that goe's to show you exactly how much those cameras really helped.
as far as going 19-0 ...that was a differant team... & pathetic division, and 40% of their schedule 6 games Miami, Bills and Jets had combined 12 - 36 record...and Brady & the Pats were so great that the 4-12 Ravens kicked the shit out of them so bad the referees had to step in and keep the story alive and the rating high fior the next 5 weeks...

Are you kidding or what ? about these extremly important questions that "NEED" desperatly to be answered inorder to put this to rest....and never will even be asked as far as & Kraft are concerned...We know none of the answeres the these important basic questions.

- Were the tapes ever used during the game ? (yes)
- Were the tapes ever viewed during half time of a game ? (yes)
- Who viewed & had access to the tapes during games for 7 yrs ? ( coaches)
- Did Weis and McDaniels ever change a play knowing the defensive call ? (yes)
- Did Belichick* request for the filming to be done? (yes)
- What was Ernie Adams involvment ?
- Did Kraft know about the taping ? (yes)
- Did Kraft know multiple teams complainted to the NFL for Patriot cheating? (yes)
- Why won't have an honest independent investigation ? (cover up)
- Why wasn't Walsh or Estrella ever questioned by ? ( cover up)

The proof to these question can only be gained by an independent investigation with everyone under oath. Don't worry it'll happen...Im not worried as long as theres a cover up and Kraft, & Belichick* keep lieing eventually they will not beable to avoid this & control it as they have so far...yet they still look guilty as hell ....
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