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Originally posted by TrueBeliever
Hey BZ, welcome back. As you noticed I've already been talkin' some smack with you in another thread.

After the Pats game was over yesterday I switched over to the Jets/Titans game, because 1) it was the only game left with an AFC East team and 2) it was the only game where the outcome was still in doubt, except for New Orleans/Cleveland.

Got a good look at Pennington slinging the ball around out there - ! What happened here? All offseason we've been discounting the Jets because "they don't have a quarterback". Of course, the problem with Pennington has not been his throwing so much as his durability. Being as this will only be Week 2, he should still be in top form.

This will be an interesting match-up.

Just out of curiosity, BZ, do you have season tickets?

Yeah, Chad looked good. The running game didn't look good, but that is like a flip flop from most years.

Yes, I have season tickets (see the avatar).

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