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Re: Re: Re: Welcome back Rod Rust and Hugh Millen!

Originally posted by Bruschi 3:16
Go stick it, Pookie. You said that not me. I'd like to find one Pats fan today who won't call today's effort pathetic. If they play like this down the stretch, forget any shot at defending a title.

After today's showing, there's no team on the schedule that is a "gimme" win anymore, even at home.

Look Bruschi 3:16,
Heres your one fan ass clown.
The Pats effort today was not pathetic. It was all they had on this day. I believe that we tried to hide and disguise our weaknesses to a point where we had no strengths. It happens, I'm fine with it.
Pissed? yeah a little. But give up? Never

My only and last response to you. frigging band wagoner.
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