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I also went back to the "Draft 2013 - WR" thread and found these tidbits

1. Bay and Todd McShay projected Aaron Dobson to the Pats in the 2nd.

2. Here's a post by me on 4/2/13.

Fwiw, I'm almost finished watching the top 25 receivers or so. When I'm done, I'll sort them out according to rank as I see them from a Pats perspective. I'll post 1-2 every day up until draft day so we can talk about them. Expect some names you may not have heard much about such as Marquess Wilson, Perez Ashford & Kenbrell Thompkins along with the better known players we've already talked so much about. This has been fun.

3. Hawg has some interesting observations about Dobson.

and here

4. Defsoul points out that Emmanuel Sanders meets all 5 of BB's combine requirements for WRs.
(I think BB will make a play for Sanders next year unless a. our rooks pan out or b. the Steelers sign him long term before he hits FA)

5. Hawg brings Jerry Rice into the conversation with his 4.71 40 and why Bill Walsh drafted him. I discuss changes in my WR rankings after further study.

6. Schrutes and Hawg respond to a Stedman Bailey cut up video & I give my assessment of the #1 & #2 potential WRs in the draft.

To me, a trade back from 29 to pick up an extra 2nd & a 4th would be perfect. Any of Patterson, Allen, Wheaton, Swope, Justin Hunter, Marquess Wilson, Mark Harrison or Kenny Stills could be a #1 WR & they're listed in order of personal preference.

#2 WRs include Rogers, Hopkins, Bailey, Patton, Terrance Williams, Dobson, etc.

I'm undecided if Robert Woods can be a #1 WR...maybe. His lack of superior athleticism concern me. He'd be a damn good #2 WR, though.

7. King of Kings, like bay, is a Dobson supporter and by this time Dobson was beginning to show up in the 2nd round on some mocks. I wasn't convinced but I was wrong.
I like Dobson a lot and probably more than BB will like him since Dobson only fulfills 3/5 of his criteria. IF BB does change his philosophy of drafting WRs this year then Dobson could be a tell tale sign of the change. I've seen a few of these articles that say so-and-so would be great for this team or that team. The ones I've seen are agenda driven by a fan making a plea for his team to draft a guy which is what that article is.

There are no elite WRs in this class but there are a lot of WRs who share similar skill sets with subtly nuanced differences within body types. This WR class is so deep that the differences among the top 15 of the class are razor thin as you go from #1 to #15. Even then, the WRs are different and fit some teams better than others. Some teams like the short and quick WRs; some teams like the taller long striders. Dobson at 6'3" is a long strider who still plays like the short and quick WR he was 3 years ago when he was 5'11". He's still learning his new tall body can't make the quick cutbacks he could 3 years ago. That will come in time.

Dobson helped himself a lot by running 4.42 40 on his pro day 2 wks ago. Interestingly, 3 years ago when he was 5'11" he ran a 4.30 40.

His long speed is good, but heís not a quick-twitch athlete. While he is used on screen passes I didnít see him make plays out of them. Some of this had to do with his blockers but he was also slow to turn or change direction and didn't demonstrate a strong burst with the ball in his hands.Given his size, you would expect Dobson to get yardage after contact on every play, but he doesn't break tackles and often tries to play small as evidenced in practices at the Senior Bowl.

I think there's promise for Dobson to develop into a contributor and possibly a starter as a #2 WR, but I have questions about consistent effort, intensity, and his understanding of his strengths as a physical player versus the finesse player he is.

I see good value for Dobson in the 3rd to 4th round but here's the catch: alternatives to Dobson are everywhere. For example, the Pats can get Emmanuel Sanders for that same 3rd round pick. Now the question becomes more complicated when you compare Sanders to Dobson for that same 3rd pick. Sanders is ready to play right now but Dobson will take a year and probably 2. Sanders is quick and fast; Dobson isn't quick but is fast. Sanders is 5'11"; Dobson is 6'3". Same 3rd round pick; different receivers with different skill sets. One is proven; one isn't. For me it comes down to Sanders being able to play slot, SE or boundary while Dobson is suitable as a traditional boundary WR. We may be drawn to the great traditional WR corps of Denver or GB, but BB has shown he likes versatility.

(Btw, I'd rather have Justin Hunter in the 2nd than Dobson in the 3rd but Allen or Wheaton are my first choices for WR in the 1st or 2nd.)
So much good discussion in that thread I could have quoted almost every post. It's been only a few months but so much has happened since, it seems like that was a few years ago.
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