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mikiemo83 11-24-2010 07:57 AM

** Assclown Assylum is OPEN **
I have discussed this with the other Mods and the Assclown Asylum (AA) is once again open.

It will be again a place for those who only come here to create issues to be placed and once again they will need to show themselves worthy of release.

Too many here live on the edge of the Rules, pushing the limits just enough to keep from getting a suspension. Too many think they are above the rules but that will not be tolerated...Zeke is right, we mods do not want to have to deal with the sh!t we have been, we prefer to be not enforcing the rules but to be just posters. It is only out of necessity that we take action, to prevent another major meltdown as have happened in the past. It is our intention to keep this as one of the best boards around (thanks for the compliment) but as the planet grows the self-policing becomes more difficult for some posters to handle so with both the new rules and and the re-opening of the Assclown Asylum (AA) we will have a way to take those Posters who only have one reason for being here and either Ban or re-assign them to just the AA.

within the past month I have used it for a couple of the visiting Trolls we had during the Steeler's week and with several division rivals remaining on the schedule we Mods feel it is a good idea to let everyone know our intentions to once again make it a place for not only smack talk but a place to place the malcontents who refuse to adhere to the Rules of the Planet


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