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Hawg73 05-29-2003 09:26 AM

So you find yourself marooned on a deserted island.....
....and survival is the key. You are allowed to select only one CD (player provided) so choose it carefully because you will have to listen to it many times.

You will also be allowed to bring a large supply of your favorite food, but again only one kind of meal so it has to be something that you won't easily tire of.

Finally you are allowed to select any person in the world to serve as your personal love slave. Note to the married/attatched that no guilt or consequences can result from this situation and you aren't allowed to miss your family in any way.

Who will be your choice?

You will also be allowed one luxury item to make your stay more tolerable. What will you bring?

My choices:

CD - I have listened to it a hundred times and never get tired of Chris Isaak's Baja Sessions - laid back and haunting acoustic versions of classic songs with a Tex/Mex/Tropical flavor. Everything from Roy Orbison's Only the Lonely to Marty Robbin's South of the Border. A superb and little-known effort.

Food - I have never tired of Shrimp Scampi with linguini as long as the shrimp is jumbo sized and juicy and there is plenty of garlic. I'm going to cheat and include a case or two of fine Chardonnay, say a nice Rosemount Australian. Which goes along with my next choice.

Lover - a tough choice. I can't go on looks alone since a pampered princess type will not be a solid companion on an island since she would probably start whining right away and kill my buzz. I'm going to pick Sandra Bullock since I watched two of her movies last week and think I'm in love. She's hot, smart, funny and I believe that she is probably a demon in the sack. I forgot to mention perky and would probably help me to build a love nest.

You never know with these hollywood types but I think we would get along just fine.

Luxury item - a Queen sized air bed with reinforced seams.

Undertaker #59* 05-29-2003 10:23 AM

Pretty easy for me:

CD - Frank Zappa, Best Band you Never Heard in Your Life

Food - The best Italian pizza I can find. Probably Regina from the North End, or maybe Pizzico in Nashua.

Chick - kinda tuff, but since they are a love SLAVE , personality doesn't matter too much :p , so I will go with Sung Hi Lee whom we explored in detail in the Girly Pic thread....though I don't know anything about her personality, so may get a pleasant surprise there :)

And I'll have to agree with you on the mattress as a luxury item, except I'll take one of those memory foam beds...the good, expensive one (with pillows of course), just can't remember the name right now.

Ballbustah 05-29-2003 11:05 AM

CD: I would never admit this to even my closest friends but... I downloaded a bunch of Western theme songs... That's right... I'm talking Magnificent Seven, The Cowboys, Lonesome Dove, The Beef, Thats whats for supper song, The Shootist, Tombstone, The Virginian, Ennio Morresconi (Spaghetti Westerns ie. Clint Eastwood stuff). Marlboro man song ect. I'm reluctant to say but it scratches an itch in my head.

Food: If you're ever in Gloucester get take-out pizza at Delany's. I know, I know Irish Pizza???? try it... especially the linguica/peppers. It is the best pizza on the planet. I would normally have ice cold Budwieser as my luxury item but I will cheat also and list it with my food item.
Running a close 2nd on food would be clams. Steamed in beer... I can eat them anytime anyday. Maybe the island I'm on is off of New England so I can dig my own.

Love Slave: J-LO... She makes me hot.

Luxury Item: Tara Patrick or that Giovanni chick.

pookie 05-29-2003 11:33 AM


CD: Third Eye Blind.... Their first one from '97 for sentimental reasons.

Food: Any and all New England seafood. You people don't know how good it is until you find your only choice is to buy fish/seafood from Kroger when it's 106 degrees outside. Oh ya, and cold Bud Light too.

Babe: Since U59 already stole Sung Hi Lee (bastard), I will have to go for Anna K.

Luxury Item: 55 foot air conditioned RV..... Or, if that's too extravagant, I'll settle for a nice set of golf clubs... With all that time on my hands, I'm sure I'd be able to build a little 9 hole executive course so I could play a round in between sessions w/ Anna.

Prometheus441 05-29-2003 04:09 PM

CD:Jimmy Buffett-Tuesdays,thursdays & Saturdays

Food: Lobstah with butter of course

Love slave: Jerry Ryan,just in case I go swimming;)

Luxury item:All the books that sit in my basement that I never got to read and probably wont.

dropKickMurphy 05-29-2003 05:55 PM

Re: So you find yourself marooned on a deserted island.....

Originally posted by Hawg73
[B...Lover - a tough choice...I'm going to pick Sandra Bullock ....

Luxury item - a Queen sized air bed with reinforced seams. [/B]
So, when you are rescued after a few years, how are you going to respond to the inevitable question from Mrs. Hawg73: "Why didn't you use the f'ing air bed as a raft to get off the island?"

Hawg73 05-30-2003 06:31 AM

Re: Re: So you find yourself marooned on a deserted island.....

Originally posted by dropKickMurphy
So, when you are rescued after a few years, how are you going to respond to the inevitable question from Mrs. Hawg73: "Why didn't you use the f'ing air bed as a raft to get off the island?"
And I would want to get off the island because..........?

Seriously, if that happened I would just say that I never thought of it because she wasn't there to tell me what to do.

bideau 05-30-2003 07:22 AM

CD - Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" with Queen's "A Night at the Opera" with a close second.

Food - Pizza I grew up with in Fitchburg, Espresso.

Lover - No question, Nicole Kidman.

Luxury item - I agree with the air bed. Even being with your dream lover can get old if your rolling around in dirt and sticks.

bideau 05-30-2003 07:24 AM


Originally posted by FallingAlice
Lover: .... . If a woman...Kirsten Scott Thomas.
Wow, I never knew this about Alice. I think she may have just launched a thousand fantasies.:D

PatsButterfly 05-31-2003 11:41 AM

one CD: Hmmm...this is a tough one, but I will have to go with Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.. the music seems to change to suit your needs.

large supply of your favorite food: This has got to be Danvers Firehouse Hawaiian Pizza..."wicked" awesome.

personal love slave: Matt McCaughnahey...(or however the hell you spell it)..He is just "yummy"... and my 2nd favorite beefcake thread inspiration.

You will also be allowed one luxury item to make your stay more tolerable. What will you bring? One of those screen houses people use in thier backyards..(to keep out rain and bugs)

05-31-2003 01:20 PM

[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by FallingAlice [/i]
[B]Lover: If a woman...Kirsten Scott Thomas.[/B][/QUOTE]
Wow. Okay then, what was the question?

CD: "Time Out", Dave Brubeck Quartet. One of the more revolutionary jazz albums of all time. Still uplifting, cerebral, hip and funky after almost 50 years so I know it won't get old. Even the cover is a beautiful modernist painting.

Picking one food would be difficult because I love to cook and I love to eat. If I could choose only one meal I would probably simplify and make it a combination of two favorites: steak and lobster with a nice dry red wine.

Since we will be spending a lot of time together compatibility is a necessity. If I am going to be with someone forever, I don't want a slave but a partner. My choice would be Renee Zellweger. She seems genuinely nice, funny, fun-loving, and down to earth. (Sandra Bullock would have been my second choice but from what I am hearing she is just an air-mattress pilot these days....)


My luxury item would be a simple Medieval Castle. Nothing pretentious, just a nice summer home.


Steve1 05-31-2003 07:52 PM

Here Goes.........
CD: Beatles One

Food: the Californian (a sandwich-wrap from Box Lunch, a chain of small resturants on the Cape-the sandwich includes turkey slices, avecado slices, swiss cheese, a little mayo, lettuce and tomato)

Love Slave: 1980's Rachel Welch

Luxury Item: A 21-inch laptop with endless wireless internet, pre-loaded movies (including Superbowl 36, with alternate audio....Gino and Gil, or Pat Sumerall and John Madden, or Howard David and Whoever), e-mail, obviously access to patriotsplanet, and a built-in wireless satelitte tv tuner, to watch the pats become champions in '03-'04! I guess this laptop would have to be loaded with a 100-year battery.

Have I missed anything?

runnerone 06-01-2003 01:08 AM

CD: My Delta sleep system CD, can't quiet the mind without it

Food: mmmm pizza mmm scampi, wait I'd be a porker in no time plus I think I'd tire of heavy food, Cheerios with a large supply of 1% milk and bananas, (good for the ticker keeps you light in the sack)

Lover, well since my first choice Rachael Welch of old, and Sandra Bullock of new were already taken, Hmmm, Jaclyn Smith of the original Charlies Angels yrs, Ohhh yeah.

Luxury item, well duh, a fully fueled Piper twin engine, just in case ole Jackie got old on me.:D

06-01-2003 01:05 PM

[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by FallingAlice [/i]
[B]Lover: If a man...I'd go with Liam Neeson. [/B][/QUOTE]

I was so preoccuppied with the second part of this equation that I nearly forgot that I was amazed by the first. LIAM Neeson? Liam Neeson?!

In recent months I've seen you support the indefensible behavior of an indivual like OJ Simpson, profess admiration for the unworthy Bill Parcells, and now...attraction to Liam Neeson?


I am worried about you Alice. ;)

At least you didn't pick that French guy with the funny nose from the movie Green Card. Still, how could a guy with a name as Celtic as Neeson look so...Je ne sais quoi? For your ideal date do you plan to give him a bath?

Peg 06-01-2003 01:50 PM

What a fun idea for an off-season thread, Hawg! Thanks for the creative thought here... :)

My choice for a CD would be my Celtic Voices CD... Mostly instrumental, I keep it in the CD player of my laptop, on continuous play and listen to it constantly, so I know that I would never tire of it... :)

I always been of the mind that the potato could quite possibly be the perfect food, because it can be prepared in so many different ways, so taters would be a must. I'd also want Steamers, a green tossed salad & Miller Lite for my libation, to complete the meal... :)

My love slave would be none other than my beloved Ted Johnson... Hopefully he could recite romance novels from memory, to me, for as much as I would want to bring books along as my luxury item, I could never survive without my dogs... :)

So, my luxury item would be my three pooches & I would just hope that TJ is an animal lover... (OOH--did that have a dual meaning?! Hee-hee!!) ;)

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