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  1. Browns claim DL Titus Adams on waivers
  2. sports betting open - last regular season game
  3. Interesting article on the Double A Gap blitz
  4. What would you bet the Patriots get the 8PM game on NBC next Saturday night?
  5. Breaking down unique sub package
  6. OT: J Lo...WTF happened
  7. Sugar Bowl game thread Florida & Cincinnati
  8. It. Is. Alive.
  9. 2007 Week 16 v Giants...
  10. Bowl Season
  11. Broncos Fan Here
  12. Happy Nude Beer
  13. Football journey: Brian Hoyer
  14. 365 days of metal
  15. OT: any PP Jeepers?
  16. Girlie Picture Thread question
  17. Claremonster, please leave emergency contact details- Thanks
  18. Quick-hit thoughts around the NFL
  19. Coaches Quotes
  20. Marijuana Pepsi will see you now
  21. Any of you have Self-Setting Atomic Projection Clock or Atomic Clocks?
  22. I got rejected by eHarmony
  23. Patriots report no downgrades vs. Texans
  24. 3 One-Word Answers
  25. Happy Birthday, taltos!
  26. Happy Birthday, Deec77!!!
  27. Welcome to Reliant Stadium
  28. Blame me..................... SNOW!
  29. Pats-Texans game thread
  30. Wilfork, Warren both inactive
  31. Quick-hit thoughts on inactive players
  32. We need Hooterbot on Breer duty
  33. TFB - 3 Broken Ribs
  34. Defensive starters
  35. Report: Brady playing with broken ribs
  36. Offensive starters
  37. Welker leaves game with injury
  38. Wes Welker update
  39. Brian Hoyer enters at QB
  40. Colts/Bills
  41. Hey Anni
  42. Welker's injury overshadows first half
  43. OL Connolly injures ankle
  44. Bernard Pollard
  45. Darrelle Revis=Classy
  46. Tom Brady re-enters game
  47. First impressions: Texans 34, Patriots 27
  48. Post-game venting and anger thread
  49. Anyone else rooting for ThaRaidahs?
  50. Ravens in Foxboro next week with a win today.
  51. Bernard Pollard is a punk POS!
  52. Conner Barwin is a punk.
  53. Bright side: The pathetic plight of the NY Football Giants
  54. Defenseless receiver call
  55. Reiss: Welker tore his ACL and MCL
  56. The NFL owes Chris Johnson an apology
  57. Sound bites from the Patriots
  58. Pittsburgh Steelers = FORE!!!!!!
  59. 10 fast facts from Patriots' loss
  60. Secondary
  61. Jets/Bengals
  62. No Wonder the doophins are losers
  63. Patriots to face Ravens in first round
  64. Dungy just said it
  65. Resting starters
  66. Official Bag of Dicks Thread
  67. Revisiting past meeting with Ravens
  68. Pats-Ravens: Sunday at 1:00
  69. Pats-Ravens will be Sunday at 1 p.m.
  70. Pats bad luck
  71. Who's up and who's down
  72. Michigan Patriots Fans....
  73. Rexy is my new most hated coach
  74. Tailgate for 1PM game, help me out
  75. Going to the Playoff game
  76. Could someone explain to me what the plan was today?
  77. Beatty: "Jane Fonda can unhinge her jaw like a python..."
  78. OT- teh "Oh snapz Lvent is coming to Cali and will drink a beer or 2 with Jh" thread.
  79. Edelman tops playtime chart
  80. Black Monday festivities are under way
  81. Ten Things I Think I Think
  82. IG_IG's Knee Jerk Reactions from Week 17: Pats vs Texans
  83. Brady: Can't replace someone like Welker
  84. Top Ten Patriots for the Decade
  85. Where Patriots rank in key NFL stats
  86. Belichick: No update on Welker
  87. Bits from Belichick
  88. Welker.......
  89. With the final season of “LOST” upon us here are the Top 25 'Lost' Characters
  90. A plan without Welker?
  91. Kevin Faulk
  92. Pees had issues in the 3rd quarter
  93. Pees had health issues in the 3rd quarter
  94. Divisional Round times set
  95. 3 of the 4 games next weekend were played last weekend.
  96. I love America.
  97. Patriots projected to pick 25th in 2010
  98. MERGED - BB blames the field (note the descriptive thread title!!)
  99. BB: "Who's been wrong more than Charlie Casserly?"
  100. LOLtastic
  101. Two-back sets excel in red zone
  102. Boston Red Sox Sign Adrian Beltre
  103. Godsmack singer settles with accident victim.. check out the lawyers fee!
  104. National Championship Game..........
  105. Withdrawls........... already starting..........
  106. Great QB Rivalries
  107. Edelman
  108. Grossman Fail of the Week -- Chad OchoCinco
  109. Single Planeteers and Dating Websites?
  110. Predicto Larry Maroney
  111. If the Patriots are dead, should we look beyond the playoffs?
  112. 3 Years at the Planet
  113. Belichick and a fighting spirit
  114. Expert medical opinion on Welker
  115. Tedy Bruschi chats at 2:30
  116. Can we talk about the playoff game this Sunday?
  117. Belichick had eyes on Ravens last week
  118. OT - Planet Fitness
  119. Confirmed - teh knee is teh amputee
  120. NFL rules on filling roster spot
  121. Pats-Chargers would be week from Sunday
  122. Bruschi: Edelman is no Wes Welker
  123. Dilfer: Red zone will be Pats-Ravens key
  124. Belichick: 'We're on to Baltimore'
  125. Greetings from sunny Orlando!
  126. Sox ink Beltre
  127. Pulse of Da Planet -- Patriots Prospects
  128. Patriots had 7th fewest penalties
  129. Yes i agree with playing welker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  130. My company is giving away FREE tickets for Sundays game!
  131. Caption time
  132. Funny clip from police search
  133. Meet your new secret weapon: Darnell Jenkins
  134. Bruschi chat wrap
  135. So has anyone heard about the conspiricy?
  136. Football topic: Pats KR game
  137. Mail is delivered
  138. OT: Increase in hijacking?
  139. The Edelman Zone
  140. 3-D TV coming soon to your living room
  141. Lack of Cowbell
  142. Moral dilema......
  143. OT- Why how come some of your guys' names are not capitalized?
  144. 100 playoff tickets on sale Wednesday
  145. Youtube tearjerker
  146. Sound bites from Gillette
  147. Four-man fronts got the call
  148. Meriweather tops season playtime chart
  149. Accentuate the positive .. Eliminate the negative
  150. Jet's owner daughter dead
  151. Skins Hire Shanahan
  152. WR Nick Moore - Toledo (R) signed
  153. 2008 World Chumps Meltdown
  154. Temporary Rule Change for Playoffs
  155. Who Will Move to LA? Jags n Bills Top List
  156. Shittiest Red Sox roster in the last 10 years
  157. 10 things to know about Ravens
  158. Practice squad move at WR
  159. OT: For JH
  160. Dungy compares gutless Colts to Spygate
  161. Tom Brady voted NFL comeback player of the year
  162. MD Solves the Pats' Woes
  163. Report links Pats assistant to job
  164. Bits from Belichick
  165. Welker, Connolly not present at practice
  166. Lots of cool new gadgets at the Consumer Electronics Show “CES” 2010
  167. Football Outsiders: Brady ranks No. 1
  168. More deserving candidate than Brady?
  169. Ray Lewis not concerned about Patriots' injuries
  170. I have hair growing on my nose, WTF?
  171. POLL: 2010 Patriots Planet Draft Party Pondering pole..........
  172. Rank 'em: Who needs to step up?
  173. Sam Adams new seasonal (Spring) WINBIER
  174. Oher, Vollmer provide mirror images
  175. Mark Cuban Not Happy About Facing Cowboys
  176. Belichicodered press conference from 01/05: Wild Card Edition
  177. Welker to IR; Williams signed to active roster
  178. Wilfork: I'll do everything in my power to be out there
  179. NBA Suspends Wizards' Gilbert Arenas Indefinitely
  180. OT: Fun with wheels
  181. Power fullback spot in focus
  182. Who is going to the game on Sunday?
  183. Chicago Head Coach & GM Jay Cutler seeks to hire...
  184. Brady unaware of comeback award, but honored
  185. Report: Terry Glenn arrested for auto theft
  186. Merged: Message from Wes Welker
  187. Weis OC in KC?
  188. OT: Wheel of Fortune Fail
  189. Brady Jokes, well sorta
  190. Brady: We had a really good day today
  191. Who wants to discuss the Ravens game?
  192. Arrington, Woods finish in special teams tie
  193. OT- Planet, bring teh secks for the playoffs!
  194. Julian Edelman -- Nawt just anuthah Welkah!
  195. Highlighting the importance of No. 3 CB
  196. Chargers............ NOT looking past teh Ravens (nevermore)
  197. Video: Keys for the Patriots
  198. Patriots chat at noon
  199. Big +1 to my local packie
  200. Did anyone watch the end of the Celtics game last night?
  201. BCS Championship
  202. Ravens Karma or Bernard Pollard-unfinished business
  203. What time do you go to sleep?
  204. Williams deal extends through '10
  205. Stern Show's Artie Lange attempts suicide.
  206. Enjoying the experience
  207. Practice report: Connolly absent again
  208. OT; Regional food differences
  209. Interesting article about where the Ravens are staying this weekend
  210. Ray Ray says set-up ever
  211. Going to court for a misdeamenor - FML - need advice
  212. Patriots chat recap
  213. Hey Medical World, try and keep up the Patriots want more rings...
  214. Bruschi's Breakdown is in
  215. Edelman's Kent State coach checks in
  216. Adam V. benched. Matt STover starter for Colts
  217. Patriott will loose on satursday!!!!! Ha ha ha
  218. Riding the playoff wave
  219. Finally figured out where CM went for so long.
  220. Wild Card Weekend Sports Betting is open
  221. Rodney Harrison talks Pats-Ravens
  222. My Experience with a Credit Card company
  223. In the Bible, it states that..
  224. FWIW - Breer: O-line rotation in Houston
  225. OT: To the mechanically gifted out there
  226. Texas-Alabama
  227. YAC leader comes to town
  228. Breer - Tale of the Tape
  229. Doc
  230. Joe Theesman Predicts A Ravens Win.
  231. A perspective on Welker's recovery
  232. Revisting a preseason prediction
  233. AccuScore: Flacco's performance key
  234. Offensive playtime: Moss stands out
  235. Predicto Pats-Ravens
  236. Ear hair?
  237. OT - More Wal-Mart sucktitude
  238. Shittiest Red Sox thread in the last 10 years
  239. Eat hair?
  240. butt hair?
  241. Onion - "Welker not making friends..."
  242. Fan Based/Made Movie Trailers Thread
  243. Just disturbing...
  244. This is the thread where you bash Tom Brady:
  245. Moss not spotted at start of practice
  246. Search for 3rd option reflected in groupings
  247. Mr. Gore....we need to talk
  248. Unibrow?
  249. Now with Moss teh amputate, will the pats win?
  250. A-Team Trailer: Just enough awesome...